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I’m back and i’m in a FOUL mood. Fresh off my little “promotional tour” last night. Now, shaking hands and kissin’ babies has never been my strong suite, obviously. But it’s an easy way for The Authority to keep me off Monday Night Raw, and away from their precious little darling Seth Rollins. Ohhh, but i’m here tonight, and I say lets cut the crap. I’ll say this to Seth Rollins, why don’t you finally do whats best for business, come out here right now and get your teeth knocked down your throat IN THIS RING. But i’ll bet my bottom DOLLAR that you won’t cause you ain’t got no guts. Lets find out if i’m right. Does Seth Rollins want to hang out back there and hide? Behind closed doors, eating protein bars with Triple H. or whatever it is you guys do. Or do you wanna come out here and do you wanna get NUTS?
Dean Ambrose Promo WWE Main Event 7/29/14 (via helloambooty)
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